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We are so thankful for everyone's amazing response to Arrfscarf. Because of it, we are maxed out and unable to take on any new customers. If you would like to be notified when things change, please fill out the form on our wholesale page. We couldn't have done it without all of our fans! xxx The Arrfscarf Crew

First meat based dog ice cream on the market. Focused on nutrition, preferred by pups.

The Other Milk

Frozen Hearty Bone Broth with Raw Goat's Milk

A healthy snack for pups and incorporates chicken or beef bone broth, hemp seeds, and coconut oil. 

Dog Ice Cream

Frozen yogurt with pup-friendly meats for our carnivorous friends.

A specialty frozen treat with a yogurt base and paired with meats like beef brisket or pulled pork. 

We want happy pups. Our Story

We wanted to create something better than what was on the market and simply more nutritional for our carnivorous
pups and their stomachs. We don’t use any ingredients that you can’t pronounce or need to look up to ensure they are
safe. We believe what you feed your pup should align with what you would eat. All of our products are made with
human grade ingredients.

Our signature line of Arrfscarf Dog Ice cream has a plain yogurt base, made from California Cows, and contains no
artificial flavors, colors, or gelatin. We do not water down any of our products so you won’t find any stabilizers or fillers.
Our unique culinary process creates a naturally dense texture that doesn’t separate. We slow roast our meats
overnight, and add that nutritious broth to the mix, not some commercially made brand. The peanuts in the peanut
butter ice cream are USDA non-GMO, perfectly sourced. The cranberries in the Pulled Pork ice cream are
unsweetened and locally grown in Wisconsin. We keep things simple.

Our product is created specifically for a pup’s palate with real meat in every lick! Each cup contains over 4 grams of
protein and billions of natural probiotics.

We created our second line, The Other Milk, to be an even more nutritional and healthful frozen raw snack. Each cup
contains 2 oz of Answers raw goat milk as a base mixed with our own home-made organic bone broth and organic
hemp seeds. It’s a super snack with a powerhouse of nutrients great for pups on a raw diet or who have sensitive
stomachs. The Journal of American Medicine has touted raw goat’s milk as “the most complete food known.”
Our bone broth is made from organic marrow and knuckles, slow cooked for days letting the minerals leach from the
bones. It is a source of bio-available nutrients in an easy to digest form for all dogs. Our broth contains healing
compounds like amino acids and collagen for the gut. Glutamine (gut and skin), Glycine (muscle repair/blood sugar
regulation) and Proline (helps in breaking down proteins) are in there, too. The bone broth heals the gut lining and
reduces intestinal inflammation. The Other Milk is the most optimal frozen snack for healthy pups or ones that need a

What OUr customers are saying

"People have been coming in left and right asking when the ice cream will be back! I should have emailed you weeks earlier haha. I'm so excited to be spending another Summer with Arrfscarf!" - Paula Matt, Henry Loves Betty
“I am not sure I have ever been so excited about a new product line" - John Grimm, Bark N' Scratch Outpost

"Thank you again for your help, insight, and amazing ice cream! - you have a great product" - Mark Hemminger, The Iron Horse Hotel

"We would like to bring your product on for our customers who bring their dogs to our sidewalk cafe. We get asked by owners of some of your satisfied customers!" - Barbara K., Glunz Tavern

What is not in arrfscarf products

fillers •  preservatives •  flavorings •  gluten • grain 

Dog Ice Cream

A frozen healthy treat made from yogurt, meats (like pulled pork), and bone broths. Designed from the ground up with pups in mind. 


Each serving contains a source of real protein from meats and yogurt.

Arrfscarf's dog ice cream contains less lactose than regular (people) ice cream which makes it digestible for pups. 

Dog ice cream is available in four flavors

  • Peanut Butter Bacon
  • Pulled Pork
  • Beef Brisket
  • Chicken Cheddar

The Other Milk

A frozen healthy snack made from raw goat milk, chicken or beef bone broths. Designed to be an alternative to treats for pups looking for a more balanced and nutrient-focused diet. 



Each serving contains a source of real protein and all the benefits of raw goat milk.

Arrfscarf's frozen goat milk is paired with hemp seeds and coconut oil. Together it forms a nutrient-filled snack for your pup. 

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