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the world's finest ice cream for your dog

Our infused ice cream is finally here and ready for orders. You have asked, and we delivered. See below for details. 

First and only meat based dog ice cream on the market. Focused on nutrition, preferred by pups. Founded in 2010.

The Other Milk

Frozen Hearty Bone Broth with Raw Goat's Milk

A healthy snack for pups and incorporates chicken or beef bone broth, hemp seeds, and coconut oil. 

Dog Ice Cream

Frozen yogurt with pup-friendly meats for our carnivorous friends.

A specialty frozen treat with a yogurt base and paired with meats like beef brisket or pulled pork. 

What is not in arrfscarf products

fillers • preservatives • flavorings • gluten • grain • soy • stabilizers • wheat 

What IS in arrfscarf products

100% Amish meats from Indiana • dried cranberries from Wisconsin • peanut butter grown in Texas • gelatinous bone broth

Why infused Dog Ice Cream? Arrfscarf + Blooming Culture have teamed up to give your pet a calming experience while they are enjoying one of their favorite frozen treats. Each containers has 4 mg's of USA organically grown plant extracts & it comes in 2 of our signature flavors- Peanut Butter Bacon or Beef Brisket. 


anxiety relief ~ pain relief ~ protects the nervous system ~ reduces inflammation

can treat seizures & epilepsy ~ helps with bowel disease ~ promotes heart health


arrfscarf shirt

Girls + Dogs + Ice Cream

we run this world t-shirts 

10% goes back to K9 4 Keeps- a Chicagoland rescue helping animals find homes

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