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We created Arrfscarf to serve the pups of the world. It all started several years back with my two dogs, Maru and Suki. I used to hand make them little treats. They were peanut butter cookies for dogs. They loved the cookies. One day I brought the dog cookies to work for my friends with dogs. That was the magical day when I realized what I should be doing with my hand made treats. I wanted to share the treats with the world. 

Today, our treats are hand made in the heart of Chicago. We use locally sourced meats for our Dog Ice Cream.

Our pricing reflects all of the hard-work and special ingredients that go into producing our treats, ice cream, and accessories. All of the ingredients and materials we source for our products are high-grade and high-end. We never use preservatives (not even natural) to get a longer shelf life, it's not worth it to us. We want our company to reflect what we believe in, and that is why we strive to give pups nothing short of what we would want. 


Andreana and the Arrf-team


Work with Us

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Where can I buy your dog ice cream?

Our cart could not keep up with the hungry pups. We decided it would be awesome if you could buy our ice cream at stores.