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Meet The Team


 Andreana Droz,  Founder & CEO   "Secret: I didn't have a pup until I was 25"

Andreana Droz, Founder & CEO

"Secret: I didn't have a pup until I was 25"

 Marsha Droz,  Cofounder

Marsha Droz, Cofounder

"As a co-founder, I love building something from nothing" 

 Danny Droz,  Operations

Danny Droz, Operations

"My job is to label thousands and thousands of ice cream cups, thank me later" 

 Dustin Ford,  Customer Relations Intern

Dustin Ford, Customer Relations Intern

"I'm excited to be in the city...and work Arrfscarf events!"

 Brooke Gunderson,  Marketing Intern

Brooke Gunderson, Marketing Intern

"I love the product and what it stands for, feeding pups the best" 

 Victor Pena,  Partner

Victor Pena, Partner

"I love working with a team on a mission, helping pups through nutirtion."

 Renee Waldrop,  Production Lead

Renee Waldrop, Production Lead

"I am focused on increasing my culinary knowledge for pups and humans!"




"PB&CCs will be the next word your dog will learn. It stands for peanut butter and carob chips. They are a dense and rich snack for pups with a healthy appetite."  

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Petits Luxes is a quarterly English & Italian magazine devoted to luxury accessories for women. 

Petits Luxes shares the art of living well and recommends Arrfscarf's ice cream. 


See Leo, resident dog, at eat our treats. 

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