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Chicago Ideas Week

Once a year for one week, in October, global thought leaders descend upon Chicago to provoke new ideas and inspire actionable results. Chicago Ideas Week creates a centralized global hub of ideas throughout various venues in Chicago. We, Arrfscarf, were asked to present a Lab this year! CIW, short for Chicago Ideas Week, aims for not only promote innovation and ideas, but to be accessible. There are several different ways to participate/attend CIW. Talks, Labs, Master Classes, and Edison Talks are all part of their category lineup.

We will host a Lab. A CIW Lab is a chance for Chicago businesses to showcase their inner-workings and provide a hands on approach to learning. Arrfscarf will guide attendees through the art of building a pizza tailored for pups! Of course, we will have pizza for people too. 

But, what about the other stuff; talks, master classes, and Edison talks? They all provide enormous value to attendees. Talks are 90 minute sessions with a few speakers revolving around one "idea" with the goal of provoking action. Master Classes are hour long panels with two CIW speakers and a journalist as a moderator. The classes are a deep dive into a specific topic. Edison talks are a VIP day long experience consisting of talks and performances by leading speakers. I urge you to take a look into the lineup and I am sure something will catch your eye. 

Sounds like a great week to be in Chicago! Arrfscarf will be at NBC studios Friday starting at 5 PM for the lab. We look forwarding to see you there.