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It's Okay To Have Another Bite

You may be one of those who are saying to yourself... dog pizza, dog donuts? What will they think of next? With Arrfscarf, you never know. But, you can count on one thing for sure. The treats are healthy and taste good. We spend lots of time in the kitchen experimenting and creating flavors just right for dogs. That’s our specialty. Some of you are still saying but what can it hurt to just tear off a piece of my gooey glazed confection or zesty pizza? If it’s just once in a while, that’s okay. It’s just that if those once-in-a-whiles become a habit, that’s not good for your furry best friend. 

We want you to be able to share your favorite snacks on a Friday night or lazy Saturday morning without having to look into those soulful eyes begging for more but having to say no. 

With an Arrfscarf treat – it’s okay to have another bite. 


What have we been working on lately?

A Dog Pizza

A Dog Donut

Stay tuned for a holiday contest from Arrfscarf