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Dog Diapers are No Longer Undercover

Incontinency is an unmentionable even amongst the best of friends. And, if it’s your dog experiencing it, we still tend to keep it hush-hush like the unspeakable taboos in Fifty Shades of Gray. Maybe it’s because some things in life are just weird and uncomfortable to talk about.

Nonetheless, doggie incontinence is real. I know about it first-hand and it can be very frustrating and scary. Finding your first accident conjures up all kinds of feelings. There’s denial, then panic, and dare I say mad. These incidents can turn your life upside down.
You become obsessed and start tip-toeing around your home as if there are buried land mines. You look for shiny spots that have nothing to do with floor wax and you start sniffing like a bloodhound. All the while your best friend is watching your antics thinking you’ve lost your mind.

Pet incontinence can be behavioral, hormonal, age related or just a mystery. That is what we deal with almost once a year now. Our pup Maru, has an auto immune condition which leaves some of the best specialist baffled. During a flare-up she wets herself while sleeping or relaxing. The literal constant peeing sets off a myriad of other things such as dehydration, what comes out, must be matching what is going in. You should check their gums regularly for dehydration. We can’t stress enough that when you start seeing accident’s out of the blue, do not walk, but run to your vet. In the mean time you learn to cope with the situation at hand by crying uncle and buying your first Big D or diaper.

You’d think this would be a simple task. But do you have any idea how many doggie diapers are on the market? There are Bloomers, Piddle Pants, Peepers, Do Rites, Kennel Comforts, Wiki Wags, and Washable Wonders to name just a few.

To help narrow your field of choices, check out these sites for the Best Dog Diapers of 2017. There’s a Top 10 List at Acoolist's video and product review based on 22 hours of research at Ezvid. If that’s not enough to make your head spin, browse Amazon’s 100 top sellers
Some pet parents use adult and baby diapers - even boy’s underwear where the fly hole is perfect for tails. If you’re looking for inexpensive, try Little Swimmer Disposable Diapers from Walmart and Target at a third the cost of pet diapers sold at big box stores. And, for those die-hard DIYers there are diaper patterns on line to make your own. But with any of these choices, I would suggest you have a ready supply of binder clips and duct tape.

Bottom line, diaper wearing is not trending on social media to be the next big fashion statement. However, that doesn’t mean your best friend has to wear old-fashioned tidy-whities either. Just check out Etsy and you’ll find the latest in doggie diaper couture. There are exotic and playful prints, satins, ruffles, bows, and jewel-studded creations like you’ve never imagined. Of course, no outfit is complete without a top and a company called Fancy Nancy’s makes colorful tanks to match their special line of diapers with whimsical names like Orange Crush, Island Blossoms, and Pink Monkey Kingdom.

Need a specialty fit for a tiny Chihuahua or giant Mastiff, check out Pants for Dogs. Their line includes Leg Protectors for standard and miniature Poodles and Pee Jackets for large dogs in full show coats. My personal favorite is The Fig Leaf for small dogs, maybe because the name is pure genius.

While diapers may be fashion forward, there’s one problem universal to them all.They droop!So, if you see your dog wearing his diaper “gangster street style” it’s not because he’s making a statement, he just can’t keep it up. Now you can fix the problem with diaper suspenders! For a more traditional type suspender, look at selections at Barkertime - an American made company known for their quality pet goods. Of course, if you want ultra-stylish, take a look at those by Fancy Nancy’s.

Barkertime's instagram

Barkertime's instagram

One vet said that “No diaper is better than a diaper… unless you absolutely have to”. That’s because with this solution comes other issues like:diaper rash; dogs who eat their diaper because steroid medication makes them crazy hungry; and urinary tract infections. If diapers are a must, change often and use unscented baby wipes to regularly clean the area.

In the end, I chose Pet Magasin Reusable Dog Diapers for my Ms. Maru. They come with a two-year warranty and 100% money back guarantee. You can also line them with a regular people person’s hygiene pad for extra protection.

Diapers are expected to have super powers. But what they really do is give pet parents peace of mind. And, while that first diaper can be scary to you and your pup, keep in mind that horses in Central Park and even astronauts wear them.Now is the time to stay strong and give your best friend some extra love and remember that even a good dog can have a bad day!

*Another tip that works well while wearing a diaper lining their crate and couch with garbage bags under a sheet and taping them down so nothing seeps through.

March’s Monthly Treat Okinawan (purple) Sweet Potato Cookies

This month’s treat was all about Purple, Yams that is! We used purple sweet potatoes known as Okinawan in their native Hawaii. They are touted as a powerhouse of nutrition and you can find many of the benefits here. The purple pigment provides more than just color. It is a byproduct of the antioxidant Anthocyanin. The Okinawan potato contains 150 percent more antioxidants than blueberries. 

We paired the purple potato with pumpkin seeds. They a great source of protein, amino acids, fiber, iron, copper, phosphorus and magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, folic acid and niacin; all important nutrients to your pet’s overall good health. When feeding them please make sure they are raw and unsalted. An interesting fact we also learned about is they are being used as a holistic approach to treating worms in your dog.

We combined jerky, yogurt, and an egg to provide extra protein for your pup. We do keep it simple below is the complete ingredient list. 

  • Rice Flour
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Egg
  • Purple Sweet Potato
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Raw Pumpkin Seeds
  • Turkey Jerky (locally made)

“Sweet potatoes are cooked with the skin produces more fiber than a serving of oatmeal"

We also sent some our customers another version that we made with organic Buckwheat Flour instead of Rice Flour. Buckwheat is a nice grain free alternative for dogs on special diets

The Power Of Poop — Big Business

Puppis is a constellation in the southern sky. A poop deck is the roof of a cabin in the rear of a ship. Pooped means fatigued and Poop...well, it needs no explanation other than why I’m writing about such an indelicate subject. It’s because I have a pet peeve, no pun intended, about dog parents who leave it behind.

The big question is why they do? I don’t have that answer. But, I can tell you that it’s a very serious problem around the world. In a weird way, I find doggie poop fascinating now. That’s because of the outrageously creative and inventive ways people have come up with to deal with it. I guarantee once you read this, you may never look at dog poop in the same way again. In fact, you may gain a certain respect for it and all that it can do.



How Much Waste?

  • Every year 40 million tons of dog waste is produced throughout the world - 10 million tons in the U.S.  That would fill 3,800 trucks stretching from Seattle to Boston.

  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that a dog excretes 0.75 pounds of waste per day.  That’s about a half-ton of pet waste per year per household.

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 2-days-worth of dog waste from about 100 dogs would contribute enough pollution to close a beach and all watershed areas within 20 miles of it.

How Much Bacteria?

  • One gram of dog waste (the weight of a business card) contains 23 million fecal coli-form bacteria.   

Is It Dangerous?

  • YES!  Recent studies show that dogs rank third or fourth on the list of contributors to bacteria in contaminated waters. Dog poop can seep into our ground water, wash into storm drains, and flow into streams and rivers transmitting deadly parasites that cause cramps, fever, hives, kidney problems & even permanent vision damage.

  • Pet waste is rich in nutrients which act as fertilizers for algae so it grows faster. These algae blooms result in large fish kills when they die because the process of decay removes all oxygen from the water.

  • Because of the various parasites, never compost pet waste.

  • In Buenos Aires, an estimated 650 people are hospitalized every year from slipping on dog poop. Now, that’s an image I don’t want to think about.

How Long Does It Take to Decompose?

  • It can take dog waste piles a year or more to fully break down, depending on climate, the animal’s diet, size, etc.    

The Million Dollar Answer

About 40% of Americans don’t clean up after their dogs. A national survey found that 80% of dog owners were unaware that dog waste possesses a health threat and more than 83% didn't know they could become infected by the worms and parasites in it. That may be a reason why dog owners don’t think twice about not picking it up. “If you think picking up what your dog leaves behind is disgusting, try drinking it,“ Jacob D’Aniello, DoodyCalls co-founder and CEO. “The longer dog waste stays on the ground, the more it washes into the water and the environment.” According to the EPA, yet another good reason why people should avoid walking their pets near streams and waterways.


People around the world have come up with clever and creative ways to deal with dog poop issues.  Some have gone beyond just finding ways to clean it up.  They have invented ways to make dog poop a lucrative business.  

DNA Testing      

Apartment and condo managers now use DNA testing. “We would call or send a letter and that dog owner would say: “Prove it,” says Barbara Kansy, manager of a 398-unit condo in Braintree, Massachusetts. So, she contacted BioPet Vet Lab in Tennessee and signed up for PooPrints. The first step is to register the DNA of all the dogs in the complex by collecting cheek cell samples for the database. The second is to collect a feces sample and send it to the lab for matching. The process is part of the condo contract. The initial DNA testing fee is $59.95. Additional testing fees if needed are $50 plus a $100 fine that doubles or triples for each offense. The unorthodox solution worked. Only one offender has been cited since subscribing to the service.


The University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is another leader in DNA dog waste testing. Just like in a CSI episode, it helped solve a 2000 homicide in which three men were shot execution-style. The suspect claimed he never left the car and only acted as a lookout, but dog feces found on his shoe matched feces at the crime scene. DNA testing on dog poop also helped convict a Texas man of rape in 2008. The California lab linked the feces on his shirt to one of the victim’s dogs waste in the backyard where the crime took place.

Special Delivery in Spain   

Mayor Borja Gutierrez of Brunete, Spain was plagued by citizen complaints about dog owners who didn't clean up. So, he got creative and set up a sting operation.  Volunteers were instructed to watch for negligent owners and then approach their dogs to pet them. After a few flattering remarks, they would ask the breed and then the dog’s name. Back at City Hall, where more than 500 residents had registered their dogs, it was enough information to get the owner’s address. The dog owners got packages – white boxes bearing the town seal and labeled “lost and found." Curious and unsuspecting, they signed for them. Delivering over 140 boxes of the real stuff seemed to make an impression. Not only was there a 70% improvement in cleaning up - most of the owners found the campaign to be funny.   


It was only a matter of time before someone would come up with the idea of poop for profit and other 21st century innovations.

FREE WiFi      

Terra, a Mexican Internet firm, partnered with ad agency DDB to create an incentive program for dog owners: FREE WiFi in exchange for their dog’s poop. The pilot study was done in 10 parks in Mexico City. Owners would put their dog waste in a robot-like machine called Terra Poo. The more poop… the more free Internet. Users got signals via dog bone-shaped dongles inserted on the grass, trees, or other hot-spots near where people might congregate.

Lights in the park

Every day about 200 dogs visit the Cosmo Dog Park in Gilbert, Arizona. When they go home, they leave behind about 8 cu yards of dog waste. Now, those little piles will be used to power a light at the park thanks to a team of engineering/technology students from Arizona State University. The “dog waste digester” breaks down the dog waste in septic tanks through a process called anaerobic digestion. The by-product is biogas – a combination of methane, carbon dioxide, water vapor and other gases. The “digester” helps save the city money by eliminating the cost of collecting the dog waste and taking it to a landfill and reducing atmospheric emissions of methane,  a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.  


You won’t believe the dog poop gadgetry that I found on line. Until now, I didn't know I needed more than just a plastic bag to take care of business.  I’m going to mention just a few.


The company’s tag line, “Just Frost & Toss with Poop Freeze” says it all. Just aim, spray and watch your dog’s poop frost to a cool -62 degrees.  


The Power Pooch System is a lightweight, cordless power shovel. The Dog Dung Vacuum has a 30,000 rpm motor and is good for 50 suctions. Both suck up the waste into a disposable bag.

Doggie Do Drain

If you want another option besides a landfill, this might be for you. The “drain” screws into your existing sewer clean out. Your pet’s waste goes directly into the sewer line along with yours.  

Poop Scooping Robot

The Poop Scoop is a futuristic robot designed by the GRASP (General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception) LAB at the University of Pennsylvania.  It’s capable of finding and removing 95% of dog poop on a sidewalk at the amazing rate of one ppm (poo per minute). The price tag on this prototype robot is a whopping $400,000.  


WOW!  Who knew that dog poop was such a big business.  And, who knew that using a plastic bag was so old school. I don’t know what I want more now - one of those power shovels, a robot, or a company to service me. That’s not true. I want to keep walking Maru with my baggie in hand just like we’ve always done.  It’s our special time together when I can be a good mom to her and a good citizen in my community. I guess there’s no moral to this story except to always “watch your step”.

PS A How-To Pick Up Dog Poo.