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What's in your Dog's Treats?

 Do you know what is in your Dog's Treats or where they are made? It is a hot topic lately with quality control lacking and tricky labeling. Take a look at the back of your dog's treats next time and see how many ingredients you can't pronounce or don't know why they are there. Just like many human foods many dog treats can be labeled all natural because the preservative is "natural". But how can a preservative ever be natural? It’s the wording, "made with natural ingredients" is different that "all natural". For example- bacon can be labeled "nitrate free - all natural" because they use celery juice or powder instead which is found naturally. But the celery additive turns into a preservative acting as a nitrite when combined with the cured meat and there fore really not "natural" anymore. Most treats on the market have many of these "natural preservatives".

 Many treats are being recalled lately. Here is just one to check out

 It is important that you know where your Dog Treats are coming from and what is in them.