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Arrfscarf Quality  With Toni's Pizza

We have perfected an amazing treat. And to help us launch them we are partnering with a unique pizza shop in Chicago. Toni's Pizza has made a name for itself, not just because of its great pies, but its innovation. They strive for many of the same things arrfscarf does. Organic, local, and healthy food. 


We are a Chicago company! That means Pizza is second nature to us. 

Over the course of two years, we have perfected a dog pizza that lives up to Chicago pizza-standards. 

Our crust is made from a special blend of gluten free flours that allow us to mimic a Chicago pizza. Instead of using tomatoes, which can be too acidic for pup's stomachs, we choose carrots. The organic carrots are cooked and crushed to create a delightful sauce.  The cheeses consist of a combination of asiago and mozzarella. 

Pizza wouldn't be pizza without some toppings. We are launching the pizza with mesquite beef jerky made and raised in Michigan.  

They are almost ready for their debut! Fill out the form below to be notified when we launch these nationwide. 


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