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the world's finest ice cream for your dog

 Founded in 2010. First and only meat based dog ice cream on the market. Focused on nutrition, preferred by pups. Founded in 2010.

The Other Milk

Frozen Hearty Bone Broth with Raw Goat's Milk

A healthy snack for pups and incorporates chicken or beef bone broth, hemp seeds, and coconut oil. 

Dog Ice Cream

Frozen yogurt with pup-friendly meats for our carnivorous friends.

A specialty frozen treat with a yogurt base and paired with meats like beef brisket or pulled pork. 

What is not in arrfscarf products

fillers • preservatives • flavorings • gluten • grain • soy • stabilizers • wheat 

What IS in arrfscarf products

100% Amish meats from Indiana • dried cranberries from Wisconsin • peanut butter grown in Texas • gelatinous bone broth

What OUr STores & customers are saying

"People have been coming in left and right asking when the ice cream will be back! I should have emailed you weeks earlier haha. I'm so excited to be spending another Summer with Arrfscarf!" - Paula Matt, Henry Loves Betty
“I am not sure I have ever been so excited about a new product line" - John Grimm, Bark N' Scratch Outpost

"Thank you again for your help, insight, and amazing ice cream! - you have a great product" - Mark Hemminger, The Iron Horse Hotel

"We would like to bring your product on for our customers who bring their dogs to our sidewalk cafe. We get asked by owners of some of your satisfied customers!" - Barbara K., Glunz Tavern

"I got Bowie a Chicken Cheddar from Paw Naturals and gave it to him before I left the house. I have never seen him care less that I was leaving, he was completely focused on scarfing down his ice cream!" - Olga B.
"My dog is very picky but he loves this treat! He loves ice cream, but I know it's not good for him. These treats are a win for both of us!" - Melissa B.
"Koko absolutely loves all the flavors...I love the fact that she gets a natural product with few ingredients. The peanut butter bacon and brisket....she goes crazy for!" - Jodi V.