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Dog Treats

We create delicious treats and hand make them in small batches.  Each treat has undergone refinement over the last two years. Through small changes, each one has been perfected for pup's palates.

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As pet lovers we know each pup has their unique personality. How do we let them express themselves? Through handcrafted, made in the US, accessories. We choose high quality materials for our pet goods.

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Dog Ice Cream

We crafted something unique and delicious for pups.  The ice cream aims to please pups taste buds.  We avoided flavorings and preservatives.  We created something truly special for dogs to enjoy. 

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Dog Events

We love to make pups happy. Sometimes, making amazing treats is not enough. So, we will hit the road with our little red cart, and bring our treats to pups. Here you can see pups enjoying our hand crafted dog treats.





The Dog Donut



A Monthly Delivery Of Treats

Step 1. Choose your pet household size. Step 2. Enter your shipping information. Step 3. Treats every month.

Whats in the box? A bag or two of our staple Arrfscarf treats and a special treat bag. Each month we put our minds together to create a unique treat. 

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Why Arrfscarf


Why Arrfscarf? We thought it was important to share this with you, our customers.

When we come up with recipes, we like to start with some of the same basic nutritious ingredients that we would eat, but just tailored to a dog's palette. All of our flours and grains are high quality, we use Bob's Red Mill products. In addition to using fresh local ingredients — we do organic when we can. We don't stop at quality ingredients, we research them to make sure they're good for your pup. Our treats are more like a soft or flaky cookie than a traditional biscuit, which is hard and dried out. Because we leave some moisture in, use fresh ingredients, and avoid all preservatives of any kind. Our treats need to be refrigerated or frozen upon arrival. We promise our treats are fresh. We pride ourselves on bringing your pup a unique treat experience. 

Lets not forget the dog ice cream, like our treats, our ice cream is made in small batches. Both are very labor intensive with premium ingredients to bring your dog a premium product. We do not use any preservatives, flavorings, molasses, or stabilizers to make our ice cream for your pup. It is made from yogurt which is safe for them, unlike the dairy in real ice cream. To get technical, yogurt has a lower lactose percentage than milk or cream. We locally source all of our meats and even slow roast the pork and beef brisket overnight. You can see and smell the ingredients when you open the lid. They are not only on top, but also mixed all the way through until the last lick. It's like a little baked ice cream treat for your pup!


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