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Dog Treats


We created three delicious treats and handmade them in small batches. We perfected each one to pup's palettes. We also, insured that our treats were nutritious and avoided any use of preservatives.  We wanted each our treats to represent something unique. 




A cookie for dogs with an appetite for bacon. They are a soft cookie balanced with unsweetened coconut and quinoa flour. They are topped off with a dried cranberry right in the middle. They look and taste amazing.


Honey. Quinoa Flour. Organic Unsweetened Coconut. Natural Bacon Bits. Butter. Organic Eggs. Organic Cranberries.






What would happen if you combined the crunchiness of pizza crust with a unique blend of cheeses and fresh blueberries? You get our Twists. They start with organic flour and we add cheddar and parmesan cheese. Then we enhance the crust style treat with thyme, olive oil, and fresh blueberries. They are a truly unique and delicious snack for your pup.


Organic Stone Ground Unbleached White Flour .Cheddar Cheese. Parmesan Cheese. Organic Flaxseed. Thyme. Olive Oil. Brown Sugar. Fresh Blueberries.





PB&CCs will be the next word your dog will learn. It stands for peanut butter and carob chips. They are a dense and rich snack for pups with a healthy appetite. They have fresh ground peanut butter and vegan carob chips (healthy alternative to chocolate chips). These little flavor and nutritious filled snacks are perfect for a walk in the park or after a run in the morning. 


Fresh Ground Peanut Butter.Organic Stone Ground Whole Wheat/Unbleached White Flour.Vegetable Oil.Vegan Carob Chips.Water.Organic Eggs.Flaxseed.Madagascar Vanilla.




Our, newest treat, is perfect for training pups. They are small and flavor packed with pumpkin, pineapple, and mesquite jerky. They are also wheat free. 


Organic Unbleached White Flour.Mesquite Jerky.Pumpkin.Pineapple.Butter.Orange Zest.Organic Egg.Cinnamon.Salt



Dog Ice Cream


We wanted our pup to experience ice cream. We wanted it to be healthy, nutritious, and fresh. We set out to create the best dog ice cream. It all begins with yogurt, vanilla, and honey. Those three ingredients are the simple base. The magic happens when we pair our ice cream base with one of our flavor creations.  Now, we are on a mission to share our amazing creation with all the pups in the world.



Peanut Butter Bacon

Chicken Cheddar

Beef Brisket

Pulled Pork





Our Flavors


Peanut Butter Bacon

Our signature ice cream starts with bacon. We crisp the bacon to its perfect state, crispy but not too crispy. Then we combine our ice cream base with fresh unsalted peanut butter and the crispy bacon. The end result is decadent treat for dogs.

Fresh Ground Unsalted Peanut Butter. Natural Bacon. Vanilla. Honey. Greek Yogurt.


Beef Brisket

Eight hours simmering in the oven with yams and carrots, our beef brisket comes to life slowly. The beef is shredded, the yams are mashed, and they are all combined with our ice cream base. Your pup can experience a delicious beef entree all from a small cup of ice cream. 

Locally Sourced Beef Brisket. Organic Yams. Vanilla. Honey. Greek Yogurt. 




Local. Fresh. Organic. Preservative Free.



Chicken Cheddar  

Just like humans, dogs love choices. We wanted to create something more like a "meal" rather than a snack. We use farm fresh chicken breasts paired with sharp cheddar cheese and Greek yogurt.  We wanted to wake up a dog's taste buds and I think we created a winner.   

Chicken Breast. Cheddar Cheese. Vanilla. Honey. Coconut Milk. Greek Yogurt.



Pulled Pork

We love carnitas and channeled our inspiration to create Pulled Pork dog ice cream. We paired a braised pork with delicious dried cranberries. Pups can now experience something akin to carnitas and it is something healthy at the same time. 

Pork Loin. Organic Dried Cranberries. Vanilla. Honey.  Yogurt. 




Our ice cream is all handmade in Chicago


 the original Dog Scarf by Arrfscarf

The original Arrfscarf is hand-knitted using super bulky yarn made from Peruvian Highland wool, Alpaca, and specialty mohair. They are extremely warm, durable, soft, and luxurious. The Arrfscarf was designed not only as an accessory, but to be utilitarian as well. It comes in various sizes and slips right over your dog's neck.



The Arrfscarf is made of 100% natural fibers making it breathable, yet while protecting your dog on the coldest of days. 



Like all of our products, the Arrfscarf is made from the highest quality yarn fibers we can source.


Spring Collection 2013

A light weight option for warm weather. The summer weight is a mixture of cotton and wool.



Like people, every dog has a personality. That is why the Arrfscarf comes in a variety of colors and combinations that you can pick from to personalize it for your dog. You can even add our popular fringe and adornments i.e. Swarovski Crystals, Skulls, etc. 

Arrfscarf's Spring/Summer Colors 2013


Contact us at for more information about the Arrfscarfs.


a message from a recent customer...  "Jasper loves his scarf. My son removed it when he was done playing in the back yard. Jasper picked it back up and carried it to him to put it back on him. So sweet, thank you so much, my bubba is happy with his new accessory." -Elvia S.

Dog Necklaces

SkullMaru (1).png

Arrfscarf has designed a collection of ready to wear jewelry for dogs. The chain link is made from sterling silver or copper ball chain that's easily sized to wear, strong, and lightweight. Our signature line of necklaces is adorned with silver/gold skulls that have been cleaned, hand-drilled and polished. They are the real deal. We have expanded to custom orders for your pup and can engrave upon request.

Most I.D. tags for your dog also fit on the ball chain (what is used for human dog tags) making it a great option so your dog doesn't have to wear their collar all the time, but remain identifiable; i.e.- short walks, in the house.

Post-minimalistic designed necklaces inspired by geometry and metals