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 the original Dog Scarf by Arrfscarf

The original Arrfscarf is hand-knitted using super bulky yarn made from Peruvian Highland wool, Alpaca, and specialty mohair. They are extremely warm, durable, soft, and luxurious. The Arrfscarf was designed not only as an accessory, but to be utilitarian as well. It comes in various sizes and slips right over your dog's neck.



The Arrfscarf is made of 100% natural fibers making it breathable, yet while protecting your dog on the coldest of days. 



Like all of our products, the Arrfscarf is made from the highest quality yarn fibers we can source.


Spring Collection 2013

A light weight option for warm weather. The summer weight is a mixture of cotton and wool.



Like people, every dog has a personality. That is why the Arrfscarf comes in a variety of colors and combinations that you can pick from to personalize it for your dog. You can even add our popular fringe and adornments i.e. Swarovski Crystals, Skulls, etc. 

Arrfscarf's Spring/Summer Colors 2013


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a message from a recent customer...  "Jasper loves his scarf. My son removed it when he was done playing in the back yard. Jasper picked it back up and carried it to him to put it back on him. So sweet, thank you so much, my bubba is happy with his new accessory." -Elvia S.