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Handmade Dog Treats

Our hand made dog treats come in four flavors

  • Twists 
  • Macaroons
  • PB&CC's
  • Pumps

Each treat has been perfected over two years for pups' palates. 


Dog Ice Cream

Our specialty hand made dog ice cream comes in five unique flavors.

  • Beef Brisket
  • Pulled Pork
  • Peanut Butter Bacon
  • Chicken Cheddar

We craft each ice cream with dogs tummies in mind. Each ice cream starts with a base of yogurt, honey, and vanilla. Then we add a meat, for example Beef Brisket. The beef is slow roasted for over eight hours, before it goes into the ice cream. We like to pair our meats with something delicious. For beef brisket, we paired it with roasted yams.  

Just think each ice cream flavor has its unique properties just for pups.



*Shipping ice cream 

The Original Arrfscarf

The original Arrfscarf is hand-knitted using super bulky yarn made from Peruvian Highland wool, Alpaca, and specialty mohair. They are extremely warm, durable, soft, and luxurious. The Arrfscarf was designed not only as an accessory, but to be utilitarian as well. It comes in various sizes and slips right over your dog's neck.


*Shipping Ice Cream is approximately $18 

Shipping Ice Cream is hard, especially for a small company. So we apologize ahead of time if a mistake occurs. We have spent months on mastering the right amount of filler, dry-ice, cold packs, liners, etc. and usually get it right. If anything is our fault, we will completely take care of the problem. We want to make our customers happy and their owners. We love that you want your pup to get a premium product from us!

With that being said we need to explain a few things. 

1. We only ship ice cream once a week and that is usually on Wednesday's unless you notify us of a special circumstance in which you need it expedited. 

2. The materials that go in to shipping ice cream are costly. We have succeeded in finding an amazing source for our supplies and in turn we pass the savings on to our customers.

3. We understand that you probably do not purchase ice cream every day and may not realize that the cost of express shipping with dry ice is over $100.00 for even a small box. So really, our ice cream shipping rate is extremely reasonable.  

4. For very large store orders Arrfscarf Ice Cream is shipped 2nd-day in a thick styrofoam box with dry ice.

5. For smaller customer orders we use cold packs and ship overnight. The ice cream may arrive a little melted, but just pop it in the freezer for about an hour and it's ready to go!